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Tulum- The Sun, The desert and you!

By Amanda Smith, Posted on 24 Oct, 2021 at 10:55 pm

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Located in the state of Mexico, the city of Tulum is mainly popular for its sunrise and desert views. The city was previously famous for its ruins but now is greatly gaining popularity for many other activities. The cocktail bars, restaurants, and swimming regions here are its main sites. But that's not all to this place! Tulum is one of the famous Scuba Diving and snorkeling sports in the state of Mexico, and the beaches here are generally considered safe for families. The beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea are its major reason for tourism.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip here and enjoy the music and Cocktail lounge of Tulum Hotels Mexico.

Things to see and do in Tulum:

Before we start off with this place, let's get our hands on what this place has to offer worth touring:

What's waiting for you in Tulum?

The city of Mexico is mainly known for its ruins and sunset views. However, this is not the end here! This exquisite land of Mexico offers many bars and restaurants that serve top-notch local and international cuisines prepared from local spices, and the Cocktail lounges here are worth visiting. So what are you waiting for? Plan a dance party here on the beach along with your friends and jazz up your life with a live music scene!

When to visit Tulum?

Located in the state of Mexico, it's no wonder why people visit this place during the winter season. The summer season here can be quite overwhelming and can cause obstacles in traveling from one place to another. Hence the best and the most optimal option to visit the city of Mexico is between November and December when the season here is not that rough, and the accommodation prices are quite reasonable.

Places to visit in Tulum:

With all that being said, let's get our hands on the best places here that are sure to enhance our tourism experience in this Mexico’s State:

Tulum Archaeological Zone:

This archaeological zone in Mexico is mainly famous for its ruins and beaches. This city was the last place ever to be inhibited by Mayan people.

Cenote Calavera:

This is one of the most stunning and iconic places with swimming and diving facilities. The Crystal Clear Blue Water here is the main reason why people visit this place.

Gran Cenote:

This is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Mexico, which serves the best snorkeling facility. This place also has caves full of bats and cute turtle ponds, which makes this place a family-friendly spot to visit.

How to get around the city?

Now that we have discussed the major places to visit here in the state of Mexico, so let's now discuss the most optimal means of transportation here that are suitable to your nature and tourism requirements:

Via vans:

The most optimal means of commute here in the city of Tulum is traveling via van services which also includes local taxi services. The fares here might not be the most optimal one for you, but these taxi services and van services are quite comfortable to get along.

Via local bus routes:

If van services and taxi services are costly to you, then you can opt for the local bus routes, which are much cheaper than the taxi services. The local bus fare also includes a discount for tourism, making it a complete package for most tourists here.

Best hotels to book for your trip:

With everything being discussed for Tulum city, let's dive in deep to get know-how of the best Tulum Mexico hotels:

 Azulik Tulum:

Located just a hundred meters away from the beach, this hotel is an adults-only resort in Tulum, which is famous for its sunset views and Sunbathing experiences of guests. The hotel features a roof-length window to view splendid scenes of the beachside.

 Ahau Tulum:

This 4-star hotel is located on the beachfront of Tulum and is one of the pet-friendly hotels in Mexico State. This hotel serves the best possible tropical views of beachside Mexico and is just a few miles away from millions of city amenities of historical sites!

 Bahia Principe Tulum:

This 5-star hotel located on the beachfront features an enormous outdoor pool and Spa services. The Views From the top of the hotel are just mind-blowing. The spacious dining area features several restaurants and bars that serve the best international cuisines, tropical drinks, and mocktails of your choice!

 La Zebra Tulum:

This exquisite five-star hotel located on the beachfront of Tulum is a fun place to stay for its beach views and brunch menu. Serving a mouth-watering tropical dining experience in Mexico, this place is a perfect bet for couples and newlyweds! This hotel in Tulum flaunts its romantic vibes, and previous couples have highly rated this place for its breakfast brunch facilities and personalized room services!

 Hotel Bardo Tulum:

Highly rated by the guests and visitors, just a phenomenal five-star hotel is one of the best picks for you during the holiday season. This hotel serves the best environment for relaxation and has a garden associated with it. The room service here is of top-notch quality, and the areas associated with it are quite famous for fishing and other water activities.

So don't waste more time and book your best hotel here in Tulum and enjoy the Caribbean Sea's best sunbathing and beachside activities! The majority of the hotels here provide a fresh atmosphere to the visitors, and usually, the hotel services are a class of their own! Every hotel here serves terrace facilities to glance at the most beautiful views that the hotel is offering! So don’t just sit back there like that and plan a holiday here along with your family and friends.

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